HowToBanano’s Bantastic Banano Recap #3

Welcome to the third general update about Banano. Come back regularly to not miss new BANANO developments!

When Banano Runner?
There has been no Banano Runner (faucet game) for some time now, and the last announcement by @mitchellcairns was “Aiming for Mid-June (no promises)”. If you didn’t see it yet, check out the recently released 3D sneak peek video.
Otherwise @mitchellcairns announced at the Banano discord:
“This Wednesday, June 13th at 12PM (PST) we will be holding a live-streamed creation event. Have an obstacle idea that you would like to see in Banano Runner 4.0? Share your ideas in the stream chat, your idea just might end up an actuality! 4.0 is almost ready for launch; the addition of new obstacles and scenery items will make the update more refreshing and more fun to play.”
That is today, so keep your eyes open for further announcements at the Banano Discord #game-testing channel, and I guess the chances are good we will see the faucet game up and running on the coming weekend!

When aidrop? Banano airdrop to Nano holders
The first Banano airdrop has been distributed! If you had Nano at the snapshot date (April 30) and registered your wallet in time (see more information here), then you probably have received the first airdrop to Nano holders on June 11, two days ago.

Statement from @renesq at the discord:
“In case you haven’t noticed yet: All NANO airdrop coins were sent out. A total of 3066 accounts have been credited with a a total of 51M BANANO. You can see if you got some coins by using the BananoVault explorer followed by the account string of your original XRB account. The most straightforward way to get your hands on the coins is to enter your NANO seed in the BANANO webwallet – but it is not the most secure thing to do, in case you still have NANO on the same seed. I will release airdrop statistics once the testnet airdrop is done. If you missed the April 8 snapshot, there will be further airdrops soon. Do not DM me for problems with the airdrop. It is highly unlikely that I made a mistake. Some accounts like the Binance account and the Burn account were disqualified. If you don’t see funds, you may need to “create” multiple accounts on that seed in order to see the balance in the wallet. Happy dumping.”

Check the ratio and get some impression about the ongoing discussion going on about it for example here at Reddit. Since the distribution was done rather equally to all holders and not in the favor of whales getting more Banano, some people were not so happy about it. However, it is clear that there were good reasons to do it as it was done. Note that there will be future airdops obviously, and those might be more linear, i.e. if you have more Nano you will get more Banano for it. If you have problems or questions about how to claim your airdrop or access your dropped Banano, read the announcments, come to the discord and say whatever is unclear.

Free Banano can be won at
As mentioned earlier here there are few options how to get free Banano. The easiest one is to come to the Banano discord and contribute, see details for getting started here.

If you didn’t do so yet, check out the website They currently have regular tournaments where you can win Nano or Banano, for free! Last weekend, @mojo won 1000 Banano in a freeroll Banano tournament. The last hand was a legendary Four of a Kind versus a Full House! Congrats! And thanks for sharing the screenshot, @mojo!

FIFA World Cup betting game – BananoCup!
There is an World Cup betting game ongoing! Tip the FIFA World Cup winning team and win lots of Banano! More information and all rules and details can be found here on this website, and also here at Reddit. You can submit your tip until the end of the group phase! The current pot is at almost at 6000 Banano already! With two more weeks to go, we can expect a huge pot at the end!
The vietnamese community-made website had a major update and redesign. Basically they copied all texts and graphics from this website and posted them at theirs. They mention at least where the texts came from but did not consider linking here, those uncivilised monkeys! 😉
So should ever be offline just go there to find the same content 😉 They also indicated earlier that they would do a World Cup betting platform or game, so keep your eyes open.

1 million Banano blocks
8 days ago, on June 4th, 2018, Banano reached finally 1 Million blocks! Congrats! See a screenshot for future history books below. Before and after happened a huge party at the Discord with quite some rain! 😉

Alternative faucet game
Coranos started some test runs for a new Banano faucet game a few days a ago. See a screenshot below:

Trigger Haven – The Bard of Banano
If you did not listen to @TriggerHaven`s Banano songs yet, you should do that. They are pretty awesome. Find them here, along with some others:

Banano Pet Contest
There’s a Pet contest running where you can win Banano for bantastic photos. More information here.

Some statistics
r/bananocoin now has 2,077 subscribers, and the discord has 9213 members.

Feedback from you!?
If you think any event, link, thought or whatsoever other bantastic thing should be included in Banano Recap #4 please just comment below or message me at the discord. Same when you have other comments or thoughts about this recap!

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