About this site

This unofficial website aims to help getting started with cryptocurrencies at the example of BANANO in a very simplified and easy way. It was made for people who are unexperienced and new to cryptocurrencies. It further serves as a fresh source of all tasty news regarding the BANANO crypto project.

A summary of a lot more Banano links is collated at https://banano.how – Both sites will probably be merged at some point in the future.

Ideas, suggestions and any other feedback welcome! Please comment anywhere or send it to HowToBANANO@pm.me

Last update: December 15, 2018. More updates will follow on a regular base.

How to support HowToBANANO.info
Keeping this website running does cost a bit of real money, so if you like to support us you can do so by donating some BANANO to the address below.

All donations and profit from the few referral links implemented on HowToBANANO.info will be exclusively used to maintain or promote the website, so that more people will hear about crypto and especially BANANO. Enjoy!

$BANANO address: ban_1punkcany1dxqatznad1q6bhtcbdndnykx8oh4b83gnmk9mpf9ce15tbf1ow