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Must-Watch: ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 3: Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

Here it is – Episode 3 of ‘Banano Bites’ — BANANO’s freshly launched educational video Series! Each ‘Banano Bite’ Episode is a ripe, short video focusing on a BANANO-related topic. And this time it’s all about Wallet Security and how to keep your private key (aka seed or mnemonic phrase) safe! Basically a must-watch for everyone in crypto! Full announcement at Publish0x / Medium.

NanoGames is giving away 200k $BANANO this weekend! is a popular betting website accepting BANANO, NANO, Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies. This weekend, they give away 200,000 $BANANO through tips and rains on their website!

Check them out here:

As always: Be mindful when sending coins to third parties, never keep crypto on exchanges or betting websites any longer than needed, and gamble responsibly!

BANANO Monthly Update September 2019

Here’s the Monthly BANANO Update September 2019, summarizing everything important that happened during another very fruitful August 2019. BANANO community is still seeing rapid growth, we had quite some major news (Yellow Paper, BananoJobs, Banano Bites) and quite some streamlined distribution, with a total of 61 Million $BANANO distributed just in the last month alone.

Here’s now the all-complete BANANO Monthly Update September 2019 summarizing everything important from August, either at Publish0x or Medium.