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HowToBanano’s Bantastic Banano Recap #1

We have decided to post general updates from time to time about Banano. So welcome to the first ever Bantastic Banano Recap! Come back regularly to not miss new BANANO developments!

Banano rewards from third runner event have been paid
Finally, Bananos collected during the third Banano Runner event have been paid. Check your wallet! If you have received less Banano than expected notice this message by @renesq:
“For problems with payouts, message @BANANO-HELP-ENGLISH only. Answers may take 2-3 days. This does not guarantee another payout though, it will only help analyze what possibly went wrong and help us improving the technology to make it more reliable. You may be asked to help with testing the next version. Tor Proxies don’t work with the game by the way.”

When runner?
The next runner game was not announced yet, there will be technical upgrades first. During the last Banano Runner event, a total of 14,000 wallets were submitted!
“The next runner event will take place as soon as we finished the technological upgrade. The event’s timeframe will be announced on this page once we feel confident about it.”

When airdrop?
The devs are still working on the airdrop distribution. Official comment: “Will hopefully be done by the end of the month.”

Bananoplay.com confirmed as non-official project
The makers behind bananoplay.com just confirmed that they are developing a betting game based on Banano which will start on June 14 with the FIFA World Cup 2018 (source: personal communication at banano discord)! The devs behind are from the vietnamese community, and it is not an official project! Few days ago there was some confusion about the purpose of this website, and if it’s official or not (read post about this here). Now, there is also a statement about this on the website, displaying: “Bananoplay Is A Website Privately Made And Operated By The Banano Community. Bananoplay Is Not Endorsed By The Official Banano Team.” So 24 days to go until we can try it!

Sook it – another new Banano-related game?
Banano discord’s @joinity has made a new game at banano.land! Posted just 20 minutes ago at the discord as some beta version. It is called “Sook it”. See first screenshots below (and more here)! Try it out! Looking forward to see more updates, and then we hopefully will learn more if and how Banano will be used in this game!

Monkey-shaped QR codes
At the discord there was a small scavenger hunting game posted recently by @Yekta. It used different monkey-shaped QR codes with one leading to a Banano wallet seed with some tasty Banano inside. The QR code shape is a cool idea, see an example below:

BANANO price
In the right menu we will provide updates and historic documentation of the current Banano price. Thanks to @Seeker214 and @ChrisTurd for helping with keeping price levels up to date. Both are honorable discord members trading BANANO and NANO in the discord’s #jungle-bazaar channel. The current banano price is 3250 BANANO for 1 NANO.

Multi-language support on HowToBanano.info
We have added a google-translate function for this website on the top right, feel free to let us know if this is of any help for you! We are aware that big parts of the Banano community are located in Venezuela, Vietnam and many other countries.

Feedback from you!?
If you think any event, link, thought or whatsoever other bantastic thing should be included in Banano Recap #2 please just comment below or message me at the discord. Same when you have other comments or thoughts about this recap!

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