New sneak peek video showing Banano monKey technology!

Randomizer just uploaded a sneak peek video at Youtube that shows a 3D monkey generation, and how the monKey will look in future Banano runner games.

Here are his comments about it at reddit and the video:

We have received a very good response on the monKey concept since the monKey video teaser and the beta release and I wanted to share how the continuing development is going. We are planning to add the monKeys to every Banano app. That includes web apps (Wallets, Explorer) and non web apps (Games). Some of you who are active on our discord channel have already seen how the monKeys are being used as CAPTCHA.

In order to generate the monKey image in the most efficient way we had to create a customized SVG Parser that eliminates all unnecessary data and builds the image as fast as possible – no unnecessary overhead. The API is in its final stages and will provide PNG generation options, SVG generation options and also the monKey metadata which will be used in future development (heard something about premium items achievements :)) <- this is not a double chin smiley face. The final release will be out soon and should be included in the next Banano runner event.

Speaking of Banano runner. Some of you asked how the monKey will look like in the faucet game. I believe that this is a good time to show a sneak peek:

Banano runner and future apps that will utilize the 3D monKey will use a more minimal representation of the monKey – No accessories. The reason is that the monKey needs to run without accessories so it can run faster and collect more Banano in less the time (AKA we will currently not 3D model every accessory as we believe that our resources should be used in a more important priorities).

“But wait, without accessories the monKey is not unique!” Yes, this is how you talk, the faster you accept it the better. Actually, the number of color options is 2563 = 16,777,216. Just with fur color and eye color generation we get 16,777,2162 = 281,474,976,710,656 monKey options. I’d say we are set 🙂

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