New Banano Faucet Game starting in a few hours

A new banano faucet by Coranos as tested before twice (see image above from previous testrun) will start in a few hours (5 pm Chicago time), check it out here.

Game is currently in demo mode and says “number of winners over 10000 is 0 of 100″, so apparently the game will run until 100 people have reached 10000 banano”, so probably it will take 24 hours or so.
Edit: Game is still up: “number of winners over 10000 is 1 of 100 with a total payout of 576222 of 2000000.
Game is live. Bananos will be distributed to all verified accounts after a verification period has passed.
(This message will disappear at 5AM Chicago Time on Monday June 18th).”
Server is running very slow currently. Keep in mind that this is not the most exciting game but significantly contributes to Banano distribution to many people. Probably people in poor countries or without a job will preferentially play this more, which is great!

Have fun!

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