Vote for BANANO and get it on Kucoin Exchange!

This weekend, everyone can suggest a new listing to the quite big crypto exchange Kucoin

Let’s all team up and vote for BANANO! This would be really big! It only works if everyone votes!

Here’s what you need to do:

1) You need to have a Kucoin account. If you have one, check which email address you have used to sign up there. If not, sign up and remember the email address used.

2) Fill out the form that can be found here:

Make sure to fill in you email address you used to register at kucoin!

Fill out the next fields exactly as follows:

Finally, fill out the last question with what you like most about BANANO, or what you think is most interesting or noteworthy. Get creative!

Then click submit! All done! Thanks!

Now tell others to do so as well!