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Waiting for the first BANANO airdrop and runner rewards

So if you participated in the first BANANO airdrop round as NANO holder (see banano.claims website), you are probably excited when the ratio of BANANO dropped per NANO will be announced. This should happen any day now! No worries if you missed this airdrop, there apparently will be more in the future!

It was mentioned before that this airdrop will not be linear, meaning that NANO whales will not get proportional much more BANANO than small hodlers, but let’s see. Surely the BANANO team will have a fair solution to this.

Otherwise if you participated in the last BANANO runner round a few days ago, it is completely ok if you did not receive your BANANO reward yet, it will come surely within the next few days! It was not yet announced if there will be another BANANO runner event this weekend as well.

So for now just wait for announcements! But no worries, you surely will get some fresh and tasty BANANO soon!

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How To BANANO.info was born!

You already might know about the new cryptocurrency BANANO, or you might not. In both cases you have come to the right place. HowToBANANO.info will not only provide help with getting started with BANANO and the world of cryptocurrencies, but also always have the latest news about this awesome, tasty and fun BANANO asset.

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