Unoffical News & How-To's about the cryptocurrency $BANANO

Banano is now on Publish0x

BANANO is amongst the first selected projects available on Publish0x – a new crypto-based publishing platform similar to medium. Publish0x rewards its users (readers and writers) with ETH-based tokens. Publish0x is a very fresh platform currently being in beta phase (source).

The first BANANO article already made it to the first page, so everyone let’s team up and keep BANANO active on this platform, it will surely be good to get attention once it is growing bigger. They have not started any marketing yet and appear to be solid. Just check it out and don’t forget to follow BANANO <3

Link to BANANO profile:

First article introducing BANANO linked here

How-To get started article linked here

Banano Faucetgame update

The BANANO Meme Faucet Round 8 has ended today (payments to be expected soon, restart probably soon as well), and directly after this the second round of the rather new Black Monkey Faucetgame has started. Enjoy! (Update Feb 6th: Black Monkey has ended, payments will follow soon.)

Also, if not done yet, you should definitely check out this medium article giving a good intro and overview about all Banano faucetgames and the reasoning behind it:

How To Trade Banano on – Step-By-Step Guide

Banano now is listed on its second relevant exchange after Mercatox: the Dutch exchange

For those of you not being used to trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges yet, here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how to buy or sell Banano on txbit. You might also find this previous how-to explaining all steps at Mercatox helpful.

The direct trading pairs of Banano (BAN) on are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Solaris (XLR).
(Note: Mercatox Banano trading pairs currently are BTC and NANO.

So if you plan to buy Banano (BAN) at, you either need to deposit one of the Base Market coins (BTC, ETH, XLR) directly and buy BAN, or you also could deposit other coins like NOS to txbit. In this case you would then first trade your NOS to BTC and afterwards your BTC to BAN, for example.

Now here’s some step-by-step examples of how to trade at txbit and buy Banano:

First, go to and create an account (SIGNUP button). If you already have one, log in.

After confirming your email address and logging into your account, find the “WALLETS” button at the top:

Then you’ll see a lot of empty wallets, for example also your Nano, Nollar and Nos wallets:

Let’s say we want to deposit NOS (XNOS) and sell it for BTC to buy Banano. To do this, just find the button “DEPOSIT” for NOS:

Next, click “Generate address” and send NOS from your wallet to this address. Double check that everything is correct before sending. Ideally try this with a small amount first.

After a few minutes (in this case it took less than 10 secs) your deposit should arrive and show up in your NOS wallet:

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Banano is now listed on the new Dutch exchange

Banano now is listed on its second bigger exchange after

The direct trading pairs of Banano (BAN) on are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Solaris (XLR).
(Note: Mercatox Banano trading pairs currently are BTC and NANO. Also there are 3 other DAG-based coins listed as well, namely NANO, NOS and NOLLAR.

Trading has already started, but volumes are still low and it will take some time before prices have stabilized.