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BANANO is Becoming Deflationary: Announcement of a regular ‘Buy-Back and Burn’ Scheme!

BANANO is Becoming Deflationary!

BANANO has feeless, instant transactions and is distributed for free, in a fair way, through innovative faucets and faucet games, and a new privacy layer is being worked on. Today, BANANO is announcing a regular ‘Buy-Back and Burn’ Scheme and now also adds a deflationary element!

Full Announcement: 

New Proof-of-Concept Community Project:

Just launched today: A new community project based on the FOMO3D idea which originally happened (based on Ethereum) at The idea is simple: You buy a ticket for at least 500 BANANO. Each ticket buy resets the countdown back to 24 hours. Ticket costs contribute to the pot, but the site gets a 5% fee. If the countdown goes to zero, the person buying the last ticket gets the pot. The pot is already at 60k+ BANANO, however it’s unlikely that anyone will ever win the pot.

After all, this is a fun proof-of-concept demonstration showing how BANANO can be used. This community project was created by the long-term supporters and community members ESKA and David_99, so it’s probably legit, but as said, it’s not likely that it will ever pay out 😉 Have a look:

Reminder: BANANO Airdrop to NANO Holders is still live!

This reminder says it all, if you owned BANANO on April 8, 2019, definitely check out this airdrop! You might be eligible for some free BANANO!

Kucoin Voting finished with BANANO placed 4th!

BANANO made it on 4th place In the Kucoin community voting (Kucoin Announcement) (related BANANO giveaway)! That’s a great result! Thanks to an amazing community! Especially since Kucoin is considering the Top 5 and has a closer look at those now:

Related Giveaway crossposted from our discord server:

“Let’s make sure they’ll get a proper impression:
1) Go to this tweet, reply & like & RT
2) Comment your Fav $BAN meme for a small tip, or reply with a Kucoin-themed BANANO meme/pic for YUGE tips! Runs for 19 hours only!

Full rankings:

For now, BANANO is traded on 4 exchanges (Mercatox, Txbit, Citex, QBTC) and will shortly be listed on Qtrade as well. Overview here.

Mirror of original post: Let’s get BANANO on Kucoin!

This is a mirror of the original post shown at in case the original one is down.

This weekend (July 13/14, 2019, everyone can suggest a new listing to the huge crypto exchange Kucoin

Let’s all team up and vote for BANANO! This would be really big, since BANANO is only listed on few exchanges for now (overview here). It only works if everyone helps and votes!

The BANANO Team will give away 1 Million BANANO (~1500 USD) shared by all participants if everything works and BANANO gets listed at Kucoin due to this event! If it won’t work out we’ll most likely still send you a small reward as a thank you.

Here’s what you need to do to participate (follow instructions exactly, otherwise this won’t work!)

Step 1: If you don’t have a BANANO address yet, get help creating one at

Step 2: If you don’t have a Kucoin account yet, register there (Link). Remember the email you use for registering. If you already have an account there, look up your email address you used.

Step 3: Go to this form from the Kucoin voting:

First, fill in the email address you used for registering at Kucoin:

Next, fill out the other fields exactly as follows:

Project Name:

Token Name:

Project Official Website:


For the last field just write what you like most about BANANO, get creative, be honest!
You might mention our community, our development, Kalium, charity events, contests, airdrops, whatever.

Do NOT submit the form twice, do NOT try to cheat, do NOT submit the form with an email address you didn’t use to register at Kucoin. All those votes would have a negative impact!

Step 4: Now head over to this tweet: Link

RetweetLikeFollow @bananocoin, comment (e.g. “Let’s get $BANANO on Kucoin!”), and tag at least 5 friends in your reply at twitter.

Step 5: Head over to this google form created by the BANANO team:

Make sure to fill in your BANANO address (starting with ban_) and your Twitter username (e.g. @bantano19). Click send.

Make sure you completed all 5 steps!

You’re all done, thank you! Now tell others and have them vote as well! We can do it!

Vote for BANANO and get it on Kucoin Exchange!

This weekend, everyone can suggest a new listing to the quite big crypto exchange Kucoin

Let’s all team up and vote for BANANO! This would be really big! It only works if everyone votes!

Here’s what you need to do:

1) You need to have a Kucoin account. If you have one, check which email address you have used to sign up there. If not, sign up and remember the email address used.

2) Fill out the form that can be found here:

Make sure to fill in you email address you used to register at kucoin!

Fill out the next fields exactly as follows:

Finally, fill out the last question with what you like most about BANANO, or what you think is most interesting or noteworthy. Get creative!

Then click submit! All done! Thanks!

Now tell others to do so as well!

BANANO Faucet Game ‘Black Monkey’ Round 11 will Continue from Today (July 10)

BANANO’s popular faucet game ‘Black Monkey’ recently started its 11th round. Unfortunately this round had to be interrupted due to people trying to exploit & spam the faucet game. Since BANANO always aims for fair distribution this game round was paused. Now it’s back with implemented anti-bot and anti-spam measures. It will start in 7 hours and only run for 20 hours! All details at Publish0x.