Two New Projects Using BANANO: and!

It’s awesome to see more and more websites implementing BANANO or being related to BANANO over time. Now, there are two new websites actually using BANANO: and!

Hopefully this is just the beginning, and many more use-cases will come over time. BANANO with its instant and fee-less transactions is obviously perfect for micro-transactions, as previous successful implementations into third-party betting websites like or have shown. Also, monkeytalks has previously demonstrated that BANANO proof-of-concept also can be used for on-chain messaging applications. is a community-made website allowing anyone to buy pixels within a 1 Million pixel area, and paying with BANANO. The implementation worked smoothly and images were shown directly after sending the payment when doing some testing. is a community-made, simple betting website, just try it out. It also includes a faucet to claim some BANANO if you don’t have any yet.

Disclaimer: As always for community-created, non-official projects: Use those, but be mindful when using. Those are not official so if you lose funds no one will reimburse you. Always gamble responsibly when visiting betting websites. Both websites above look quite legit, but it always is good to stay alert when handling cryptocurrencies or using crypto websites in general. You will come across people trying to scam you from time to time.