Author: howtobanano

BANANO won the CryptocurrencyCheckout Voting – Payment Gateway Integrations Incoming!

BANANO finished first in the Community voting! Final results can be found here:

This will enable various integrations for BANANO to be accepted through woocommerce, wordpress and other platforms, and also push BANANO usage at Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram! Surely a great addition to existing tipbots at Discord, Reddit, Telegram and Twitter!

Must-Watch: ‘Banano Bites’ Episode 3: Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

Here it is – Episode 3 of ‘Banano Bites’ — BANANO’s freshly launched educational video Series! Each ‘Banano Bite’ Episode is a ripe, short video focusing on a BANANO-related topic. And this time it’s all about Wallet Security and how to keep your private key (aka seed or mnemonic phrase) safe! Basically a must-watch for everyone in crypto! Full announcement at Publish0x / Medium.