What is BANANO?

What is BANANO?

  • BANANO is a meme coin, that means it should not be taken too seriously for now, and it is about creating a “fun” currency that gets people started with crypto without making it too technical for the start. Other examples for successful meme coins are Dogecoin or Garlicoin. Such meme coins are starting from a fun idea from some crypto enthusiasts and then might develop to an actual valuable thing. See more information on the official BANANO website. You also should check out the FAQ here.
  • The great thing about meme coins is that they always start with lots of fun! That’s also why mostly fun people are active in the community. Another great thing is that this attracts people who are not familiar with crypto yet, and it mostly attracts fun people, like you!
  • BANANO was started in early April 2018, so it is still quite fresh!
  • BANANO is a “fork” of another crypto coin that is around for a bit longer: NANO. It has “copied” the NANO technology and shares all the great features of NANO, meaning that all transactions are still feeless and instant, and it doesn’t require mining.
  • Taken together, BANANO is a technically bantastic cryptocurrency and may have a great future.
  • Most importantly: BANANO has only a very low “real money” value yet, and thus it is the perfect crypto currency to play around with and to get familiar with the technology around it, including wallets, addresses and sending it to others! No risk involved! So don’t be afraid to try it out, and share it with others. Just tell your friends how all this works, help them to get a wallet, and send them some BANANO! Sharing and using BANANO is key for its success! This is just the beginning of the crypto revolution 🙂 And YOU are a part of it!
  • Read the next steps and learn how to get started, how to get FREE BANANO and how YOU can contribute to making BANANO a success!

Step 2: How to get started with BANANO

  • As with NANO or any other cryptocurrency, you first need a wallet. This works as follows:
  • Go to the website vault.banano.co.in
  • Create a new wallet – this is where you will keep your BANANO.
  • Your seed and a passphrase will be displayed, copy this and keep it somewhere safe. Never give this to anyone else! Never lose it, keep your Seed safe!
  • Set a password. Be sure to never lose that password. If you lose it, you still can recover your wallet with your seed.
  • Go to “Accounts”. There you will find your BANANO address. While a NANO address starts with xrb_…, your BANANO address will start with “ban…” and look like this one: ban_1kdcquap39d6nugficr4u1g87cqpaau4mig55sgjgtgi7jp8km5shobds61m
  • Your wallet is ready! Congrats! You now have a BANANO wallet!

Step 3: How to get free BANANO

  • As BANANO was created recently as a “fork” from NANO, the creators need to distribute it somehow. This is essential since only if a crypto coin is distributed and decentralized, its network will be valid and useful in the future. That’s why now is the time to get some FREE banano!
  • There are several ways to get FREE BANANO right now:
  • Option 1: Airdrop to NANO holders: If you have owned NANO in a personal wallet (not on an exchange), you hopefully have visited the banano.claims website and put in your NANO (not BANANO!) address before April 30, 2018! Everyone who had NANO on April 8 is then supposed to receive free BANANO soon! More information can be found on banano.claims and will also be announced here at our BANANO news. If you have NANO now and did not have it on April 8, make sure you have it in your personal wallet, there will be future airdrops coming for NANO holders probably soon, and also other airdrop formats.
  • Option 2: Join the community at the BANANO subreddit and the BANANO discord. Just be active, contribute to the BANANO fun and look out for further information how to get FREE BANANO. You can also ask questions there, everybody is fun and happy to help you! There are frequent giveaways and tips going on, and lots of fun of course! When arriving at the discord, say hi and then message “.register” to @BananoBot++. This very kind (ro)bot can help you to receive some free BANANO. Message “.help” to the bot for help. Check out #the-jungle for quite some fun! See you there!
  • Option 3: Social media giveaways: Follow BANANO Coin on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram for spontaneous Banano giveaways and contests!
  • Option 4 (the coolest one!): Play faucet games! To make sure BANANO is distributed in a fair way to everyone, there are free-to-play games available on a regular basis. On the last weekends, there was jump&run BANANO Runner game available that allowed you to collect real BANANO just by playing it on your computer or smartphone. Other games to come, keep an eye on announcements at the BANANO subreddit and the BANANO discord.
  • Option 5: Bananominer.com – put in your BANANO address, solve the proof-of-work captcha (will mine with your CPU for a few minutes) and get some Banoshi (100 Banoshi are equal to 1 BANANO) each time you do so. This currently is very inefficient, so test it if you like, but it will not be profitable.
  • Option 6: Check other links on http://banano.how and news and infos at http://howtobanano.info

Check back here soon! More options and further details to follow! Meanwhile, tell your friends about BANANO!