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HowToBanano’s Bantastic Banano Recap #2

Welcome to the second general update about Banano. Come back regularly to not miss new BANANO developments!

When runner?
The next runner game was not announced yet, but will probably start soon in June after some technical upgrades. See screenshot below:

When airdrop?
The devs are still working on the airdrop distribution, it should actually happen any day now. Last official comment still: “Will hopefully be done by the end of the month.”

Free banano?
There might not be that much free Banano for grabs everywhere (except for upcoming runner weekends or other future events), but some “easter eggs” might still be up. For example you might want to check out the awesome Banano.date website for some easy, free Banano 😉 Give it a try!

HowToBanano’s Bantastic Bananorama Giveaway
This is not actually free, but our first real giveaway/ticket game, and still running for 2 days. The pot is at more than 3000 Banano already! Check out details here, at giveaway.howtobanano.info. If you don’t have enough Banano to join the tipping game you can just buy tickets for 50 Banano each!

FIFA world cup events!?
As mentioned in the last recap already, bananoplay.com is developing a betting game based on Banano which will start on June 14 with the FIFA World Cup 2018! The devs behind are from the vietnamese community, so it is not an official project. 17 days to go, looking forward! Otherwise there might be some betting games at the Discord popping up. You also might want to check out pvp.me – this new betting site does not accept Banano bets yet, but it runs completely in Nano, and you also can earn free Nano, so check it out!

Sook it – Banano game by joinity!
Banano discord’s @joinity has made a new game at banano.land, as already reported before! It now has more levels, and on May 28 there was a community game running organised through the discord. @manpan won it with several others finishing after and getting some great Banano bounties, congrats! Screenshot of a new level below! Looking forward to see more updates, and then we hopefully will learn more! Great work, joinity!

Awesome custom-style monKeys!
Some really awesome custom-style monKeys were made by @RaphyMonkeyVzla-Zoe&Bianca in the discord a few days ago. See examples below:

Miss Banano Junglo event
The Miss Banano Jungle event with quite some huge Nano and Banano prizes has been concluded, see details here at reddit and the results in this video.

BANANO price
See price updates and historic documentation on the right side. Thanks to @Seeker214 and @ChrisTurd for helping with keeping price levels up to date. Both are honorable discord members trading BANANO and NANO in the discord’s #jungle-bazaar channel. The current banano price is 3300 BANANO for 1 NANO.

How To Buy Banano?
Banano can only be traded for NANO at the Discord currently. See here a getting started-guide for help.
Otherwise NANO can now be bought directly for EUR, USD and other real currencies at CoinFalcon. Create an account here and check it out. Prices are low!

Some statistics
r/bananocoin now has 2,000 subscribers, and the discord has 8637 members.

Feedback from you!?
If you think any event, link, thought or whatsoever other bantastic thing should be included in Banano Recap #3 please just comment below or message me at the discord. Same when you have other comments or thoughts about this recap!

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