HowToBanano’s Banano Discord Getting Started Guide

Since many new Banano community members struggled with getting started at the BANANO discord, we made a detailed step-by-step guide below. Let us know if anything is unclear by adding a comment.

So to get started and participate in giveaways at the Banano discord, you should get to the discord, register with Nano and Banano tipbots, and get an overview about different channels. Just follow these steps (screenshots are from android app, might look slightly different on other platforms):

Go to the discord: It always can be found at You should see this page:

Click on “Accept Invite”. You should then see the following page:

If you know what discord is and have an account, go ahead and login. Otherwise click “Register” and fill your details as follows:

After registration is finished, you will arrive at the Banano discord with seeing something like this:

Click on the Banano logo on the left side. You then see a list of channels within the discord, like this:

Now you first should get registered with the Banano tipbot. Click on the icon above the Banano logo in the top left and you should see a page where you can search for others. Search for “@bananobot” and select BananoBot++ like shown below:

Then the “Direct Message” window opens as follows:

To register, type “.register”. You will now be registered, and information like this will be displayed:

Now you are registered with the BananoBot, congrats! To get more information, type “.help”

For all future commands to the bot always start with a dot, then type the command as explained in the help. Some commands can be used in any channel, some only as direct message.

For example, the “.balance” command that you will use to check how much BANANO you have only works as private message.

The command “.gs” that will show you if there is a giveaway running and what you need to enter will work everywhere:

To join a giveaway, you just follow the instructions. In this case, type “.ticket 10” to enter. Of course you will need 10 Banano to enter in this case. To get Banano, you should just talk to others in the different channels (no begging!) and when you are active you will get some tips from others, or rain, which is distributed to everyone who was active during this time.

Now since Banano is a fork of Nano, there are also Nano tips and Nano rains and giveaways. So you also need a Nano Tipbot account. The Nano tipbot is called “Graham”. To find him, follow the same steps as above, but this time search for “Graham” or “nanotip”:

Click on “nano_tip_bot”. You will see something like this:

All Nano Tipbot commands start with a “?” instead of a “.”, so you type “?register” to get started:

Samewise you type “?help” for help, “?balance” for your balance, and “?gs” to see if there is a giveaway etc.

Now let’s check out the channels. Click on the top left to open the menu, then click on the Banano icon to see all channels:

Check out the #bannouncements channel regularly, everything important will be announced there 🙂

The most fun is at #the-jungle, this is for everyday conversations, and most people are there. Get started by going there and say hi, ask questions, whatever is on your mind. Do not beg or ask others actively for Banano tips! This is not tolerated! Just be kind and you will get some sooner or later.

Below, you see @joinity tipping 6 Bananos to @stephanie. To tip others with Banano, just type
“.b (amount) @username”

There are also other channels in different other languages available, just check the channel list and you will find it.

Again, if you have questions, just ask, most people are quite friendly and will help you.

Enjoy! Welcome to the Banano Republic!