HowToBanano Giveaway

Ok here’s detailed information about the concluded giveaway at the discord (ended May 29).

Be aware: Basic values will be more up to date at reddit, and even not up to date here now it will be all updated very very carefully.

HowToBanano’s first ever Bantastic Bananorama Bananza Tipping Game Experiment

I have no luck anyway in giveaways, so here’s a public tipping game experiment, and you are a part of it: I will not join any Banano giveaway for 1 week (also no free ones). Instead I will collect Banano tips & rain and give back almost all of it to game participants. I will try to give regular updates.

Start date: May 22, 9:37 pm UTC+2/CEST
End date: May 29, 9:37 pm UTC+2/CEST will be used to determine exact timing.

Giveaway pot will be all tips, randoms and rains I receive during that time at discord.

Final pot: 61561 Banano (Thanks to all who participated!)

To be given away:

40% to the user that has given me the highest single direct tip. @lukas#7382 – Prize: 24624 BANANO
20% will go to the user who has tipped me second highest. @manpan#3187 – Prize: 12312 BANANO
10% will go to the user who has tipped me third highest. @Burning Banano Whale#7034 Prize: 6156 BANANO
10% will be rained (if enough to rain) to everyone and otherwise tipsplitted to all contributors (excluding devs). (Done shortly after end.)
10% go randomly to any participant that has tipped me at least 50 Banano during the giveaway period. Users placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd and devs are excluded from this part (no double win). Multiple entries/tickets can be earned by tipping 50 Banano more than once. No limitations! @Bananaman – Prize: 6156 BANANO, see also below

Additional feature: If I break this vow by joining any Banano giveaway (being drunk will be no excuse) I will return all direct tips I received during that period with double the original tip amount.

Devs are excluded from receiving any payout, but tips/rain from them are included in the payout pool.
If two tips with the same amount are done, the tip from the first user counts. No draw!

Qualified participants list (early tips or 50+ Banano tips, entries for 10% random earned in [brackets] after username):
Note: Drawing will be done with a random number generator, assisted by a neutral third person, e.g. discord police.

1-44 @ComproBanano_Parvulito#7388 [44]

45-70 @Bananaman#6813 [26] (NUMBER 60 was drawn!) Congrats Bananaman!

71-73 @toqs1986#9184 [3]

74-75 @1monkey#6929 [2]

76-77 @*Doark #3697 [2]

78-79 @Seeker214#3392 [2]

80-81 @Soneliem#1646 [2]

82-83 @Dreamer#3810 [2]

84-85 @Ahh crap#9247 [2]

86-88 @cleo_is_no_Cat [3]

89-90 @when binance [2]

91-92 @shifty eyes [2]

93 @zeuseshands [1]

94 @unarmed [1]

95 @gowness#0588 [1]

96 @Enriツ#0036 [1]

97 @Ronny#0921 [1]

98 @joinity#6524 [1]

99 @stephanie🐶🐶🐶#4595 [1]

100 @Jch0p#0575 [1]

101 @keetz#9420 [1]

102 @thatmathguy#1206 [1]

103 @Flightless_Pig#3603 [1]

104 @azuLeto#1082 [1]

105 @ivan soutaz#9955 [1]

106 @yngve#6488 [1]

107 @Selling BANANOS -Lucier Baal 💀#3492 [1]

108 @Mojo#6154 [1]

109 @JosegrexD-Team Los Sopla Nuca-#3635 [1]

110 @BeardlessDuck#4387 [1]

111 @Super Betta Fish blowfish (RAINMASTER)#3900 [1]

112 @meltingice

Note: Devs will be sorted out at the end (if still listed here) and not be included.

FINAL tickets: 112

All other contributors (but not yet qualified since tips were below 50 Banano or not direct), still thanks a lot!



@👑King Kong👑#1771







@stephanie #4595

Current list might be incomplete right now, last update indicated above. I will carefully update regularly. Bookkeeping might always be a bit delayed but will be updated very carefully.

Please PM me at the Banano discord if you have any further questions.

Good luck! Bananorama!

@bantano > <#0286